Oil additives and sulphurised additives

Hornett Bros & Co Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hornett Holdings Ltd, a family owned fully independent manufacturer that has exported sulphurised extreme pressure additives worldwide under the EPoil trade name for over 60 years.  

Our manufacturing facility is located in the UK which is backed by a full quality control laboratory on site. Being located all on one site we are able to react to our customers needs very quickly and efficiently.

We use a network of Sales Partners around the world to service our customers, these Sales Partners have been established over many years and are not only able to offer advice on commercial and technical aspects of our products, they also have superior local knowledge that ensures our customers receive the attention they deserve.  

Hornett Bros & Co Ltd are one of the few remaining sulphurisers left in the world, we sell our range of additives to the multinational lubricant blenders as well as the small to medium independent blenders worldwide. We can offer a wide range of additives for many different applications including price sensitive, dark coloured grades which range from 10% to 20%. As well as the new WH Range of lighter colour and low odour grades that range from 10% to 26%. If you would like more information about our products please contact your local sales partner or contact us directly. 



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Hornett Bros & Co Ltd. Manufacturers of high quality Sulphurised/Sulfurized Industrial oil additives and EP additives/Extreme Pressure Additives/sulfurized additives/supplier of polyalkylene glycols