About Us

Hornett Bros & Co Ltd have for more than 60 years independently supplied the lubricant industry with sulfurized / vulcanised EP additives under the trade name EPoil additives. The company is still run by the Hornett family which is now into its 4th generation and with the help of the past and present staff we now export to almost every industrialised country in the world. 

The Independent Additive Manufacturer

  • Manufacturers of Sulphurised EP Additives
  • Fully permitted IPPC plant
  • Light coloured range
  • Dark coloured range
  • Approvals with major and independent lubricant blenders
  • Exporting worldwide
  • Members of the UKLA (United Kingdom Lubricants Association) and UElL
    (lndependent Union of Lubricants Industry)

Toll Blending

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Various sized stainless steel vessels
  • Own name branding on various packaging options
  • Oil based and water based plants

Storage and Distribution

  • Bulk storage facilities for raw materials and finished products
  • Covered storage
  • Vast market knowledge and good locality for distributing 3rd party products under agreement


  • On site fully equipped quality control laboratory
  • Product analysis offered to customers
  • Technical support in formulating
  • Member of the Product Stewardship
  • Research and Development chemists


  • Certified to ISO 9001:2015                   




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Epoil Additives Miscol Additives

Your Independent Lubricant Additive Manufacturer

Hornett Bros & Co Ltd. Manufacturers of high quality Sulphurised/Sulfurized Industrial oil additives and EP additives/Extreme Pressure Additives/sulfurized additives/supplier of polyalkylene glycols