Products and Services

Toll Blending
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Various sized stainless steel vessels.
  • Own name branding on various packaging options.
  • Oil based and water based plants.

Storage and Distribution

  • Bulk storage facilities for raw materials and finished products.
  • Covered storage.
  • Vast market knowledge and good locality for distributing 3rd party products under agreement.


  • On site fully equipped quality controlled laboratory.
  • Product analysis offered to customers.
  • Technical support in formulating.
  • Member of the Product Stewardship.
  • Research and Development chemists.


Epoil Additives Miscol Additives

Your Independent Lubricant Additive Manufacturer

Hornett Bros & Co Ltd. Manufacturers of high quality Sulphurised/Sulfurized Industrial oil additives and EP additives/Extreme Pressure Additives/sulfurized additives/supplier of polyalkylene glycols