Toll Blending

Hornett Bros offer an independent toll blending service with complete confidentiality assured, protected by secrecy agreements if required. The blending facilities include stainless steel mixing vessels with a capacity of 1000 litres to 20,000 litres and all are equipped with heating, circulation, agitation and filtration.

Our vessels are dedicated to oil based and water based products; with a reverse osmosis water plant based on site. Finished goods are able to be packed in 20 litre containers, drums, IBC's and bulk.

Our fully equipped quality assurance laboratory tests the finished products to the highest standards in accordance with our customers specification limits, testing and reporting protocol.

Hornett Bros are able to use their wide knowledge and experience of lubricant formulation to provide expert technical and commercial advice in metalworking lubricant technology. We co-operate with our customers in the development of formulations, combining performance with cost effectiveness. Under the protection of secrecy agreements we work closley with our customers to optimise, upgrade or rationalise your product range either with existing formulations or to develop new products using our expertise and experience in additive technology. For many years, Hornett Bros have specialised in industrial lubricants and have a vast knowledge of additive selection, function and application.

For whatever your needs "Your Independent Lubricant Additive Manufacturer" will have a solution. 






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